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Scalp Pigmentation & Stem Cell Therapy / 4 Dagen

Service Description

4-day training € 1800 (including preparations) *


Unique training that means no one needs to feel bald anymore.
In this training you will learn two unique techniques: Scalp pigmentation and Stem Cell therapy.

Scalp Pigmentation

Scalp pigmentation is the Permanent make-up technique where very small dots of pigment become skin and thus simulate short spines. Ecuri has developed a special needle and pigment for this. This pigment does not penetrate under the skin, does not discolor or hardly and can possibly be removed again. Scalp pigmentation is a special technique that you really have to learn. You don't do this just like that. Scalp pigmentation does not or hardly fade.

Stem Cell Therapy

This technique is based on the activation of your own stem cells. These are 100% natural products that make your hair grow back in your eyebrows or on your head. Every hair shaft and every tissue around the hair root is full of stem cells. If you activate these stem cells your own hair will grow again. Hair growth serums from Ecuri activate your own stem cells and you get beautiful full hair back. For the best result, take 1 pill and apply Scalp Stem Cell Activation Lotion every day. To create new real hair you can have a Stem Cell activation treatment performed. Ecuri Stem Cell preparations contain no hormones, no animal or human extracts and no caffeine.


Registration fee (= down payment): € 200,- (incl. VAT) to be paid immediately when booking.


Unique training that means no one needs to feel bald anymore!

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