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Privacy policy

Ecuri Academy respects the privacy of visitors to its websites ("you" or "user"). The privacy policy of Ecuri Academy is described below.

This Privacy Policy applies to those who use the parts of the Ecuri Academy website that are oriented to the Netherlands, which can be reached via

This Privacy Policy does not extend to any other Ecuri Academy website intended for non-Dutch users, including the English, French, Italian, Spanish site of Ecuri Cosmetics.

You can buy the products online via the webshop. The manner in which this sale takes place is regulated in the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of Ecuri, which together with the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy form a contractual whole.

By accessing and using the Site, you expressly acknowledge and agree that your personal data is collected.

Dutch and European legislation regarding the protection of privacy with regard to the (automated) processing of personal data applies to the Site.

Ecuri Academy is responsible for the processing of personal data on the Site.

Ecuri Academy' Privacy Policy can be accessed from any page of the Site.

Collection of the data

Personal data

Ecuri Academy may collect the personal data of users of the Site. The personal data refer to the information (name, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number, residential address, photos, but also electronic identification data available on or from your browser carrier such as 'Cookies' and / or 'IP addresses') that relate to you as a natural person. You provide this information voluntarily by filling in a form on the Site or Ecuri Ecuri Academy collects that information in the context of your visit that, regardless of its nature, makes it possible to identify you, directly or indirectly.

Ecuri Academy collects personal data through the "contact" section, among other things, when subscribing to the electronic Ecuri Academy Newsletter. On the basis of your electronic identification data ("Cookies" and "IP address") it is possible to know which browser carrier you are using and which pages you have consulted during your visit.


Cookies are small files that are sent and then registered in your browser carrier by the websites you visit. The next time you visit the website, your browser will read the cookie and send the information to the relevant website or to the element from which the cookie originated.

A cookie does not make it possible to identify you. Cookies do, however, register information related to

  • surfing your browser carrier on the Site (the pages you viewed, date and time of your visit, etc.), which Ecuri Cosmetics can use on your next visits or
  • the number of views of our advertising content on third party sites or applications or
  • opening and reading electronic messages that Ecuri Academy can send to you with your permission.

In general, one distinguishes:

The cookies sent by Ecuri Cosmetics when you visit the Site. These are called first level cookies. Cookies sent by third parties (e.g. Twitter or Facebook) are called third party cookies.
Functional cookies (login, registration code, language choice), also known as comfort cookies, are intended for statistics and social and commercial purposes.
Finally, cookies can be permanent or have a duration that is either fixed or limited to one browsing session on the Site.

It may also happen that Ecuri Academy collects information by placing a cookie or a "web beacon" (a file that collects data about the activity of users on websites) on your browser carrier via the Site or the number of clicks on the parts that Ecuri Cosmetics you send, to count. Ecuri Academy stores, among other things, the choices and information of the connection or the identification during your visit to an online service. The use by Ecuri Academy of Cookies on the Site makes it possible, according to your settings, which you can revise at any time: compile statistics and determine volumes of visits and use of the components of the Site (such as, for example, sections and content visited, route), which make it possible to make the services offered to you more interesting and user-friendly; provide services and browsing convenience adapted to your needs; count clicks on any part of an online service.

Certain services, such as the "wish list", can only be used with functional cookies.

Ecuri Academy also informs you that you can oppose the registration of "cookies" by setting your browser as follows:

For Mozilla Firefox, choose "Options" at the "Tools" menu button and then click the "Privacy" icon. Find the "Cookies" menu and check the options you want.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher, select "Internet Options" from the "Tools" (or "Tools") menu button. Click the "Privacy" tab and select the desired level with the cursor.

For Opera 6.0 and higher, choose the "File" menu, then "Preferences", "Privacy". Check the options you want.

For Safari, choose the "Preferences" menu and then "Security". Check the options you want.

Social networks

Ecuri Cosmetics is the editor of an information and presentation page of Ecuri Cosmetics on various social networks, such as Facebook ™ and Twitter ™. You can follow the pages of Ecuri Cosmetics on these social networks. Your personal data that you have designated as public and accessible through your profile is accessible to Ecuri Academy. Ecuri Academy does not create or use any other database with personal data.

You can object to the access that Ecuri Cosmetics has to the personal data that you have published on your profile (and which are publicly visible). After all, the settings of the relevant social networks offer the possibility to control and / or limit access to your data. We recommend that you regularly check the personal data policy of the relevant social networks.

Webshop: and

Ecuri Cosmetics also collects your personal data when you create your customer account in the Ecuri Cosmetics web shops, so that you can place your orders online.

Use of the data

The information you provide on the Site enables Ecuri Cosmetics to:

To handle your questions or requests for information,
To investigate the frequency of your visits to the Site,
Send you advertising or marketing communications with your consent,
To send you the Newsletter to which you have subscribed,
Send you any catalogs,
To inform you about products or courses of Ecuri Cosmetics,
To inform you about events that Ecuri Cosmetics organizes,

The information that Ecuri Cosmetics needs to fulfill the activities described above is indicated with an asterisk on the various pages of the Site. Other data is of an optional nature and allows us to get to know you better and to better tailor our communication and services to you. The information that Ecuri Cosmetics collects concerns your name, first name, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number. Based on this information, Ecuri Cosmetics can send you personalized messages, taking your profile into account, in order to be able to provide you with a tailor-made service.

Retention of data

Ecuri Cosmetics stores your personal data for a specific period, which depends on the purpose of the data processing. Cookies that can analyze the number of visitors to the Site are stored for six months.

Ecuri Cosmetics has exclusive access to the collected data.

Ecuri Cosmetics also provides your personal data to third parties such as:
• you have given us your prior consent to share this information (for example, for a special promotional event);
• Ecuri Cosmetics must share this information with its distributors, service providers and in particular technical service providers.
• Ecuri Cosmetics is requested by a judicial authority or other administrative authority authorized by law to share this information in accordance with applicable law.
Ecuri Cosmetics undertakes to guarantee the confidentiality and security of the collected personal data during the transfer of personal data to the above-mentioned persons.

If you would like to introduce someone close to you to our product or training using the "Share" feature offered on the Site, you acknowledge that you have obtained express consent from that person to send an email message.

Should you, on your own initiative, share personal data with us by e-mail or via Facebook, especially in the case of multimedia content (photos, videos, etc.), you undertake that the data you provide us with the interests or rights of third parties.

Non-disclosure agreements regarding sensitive business information about business situations, work processes, customer groups, strategies provided by customers and / or participants are confidential for Ecuri Cosmetics, its employees and the teachers.

Ecuri Cosmetics will make every effort to store your personal data in a safe manner and to prevent loss, misappropriation, burglary, disclosure, modification or destruction. Ecuri Cosmetics undertakes to take all reasonable precautions necessary to protect your personal data, but cannot guarantee absolute security.

Ecuri Cosmetics draws your attention to the existence of risks such as loss of data or violation of the confidentiality of data transmitted via the internet.

The information and services offered on the Site can be suspended in case of force majeure or events for which Ecuri Cosmetics is not liable.

If you wish to change or supplement your details in the registration, you must submit a written request to Ecuri Cosmetics.

Ecuri Cosmetics ensures that the change or addition is carried out as soon as possible.