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Contract & payment and delivery conditions

Customer will receive a confirmation or invoice after registration. With starter sets / training courses, the Customer can pay the costs of a training course in installments or through a lump sum payment. The customer can find the information on this on our website. In that case, the Client must state the method of payment chosen when registering for a Training and this cannot be changed after registering for a Training. Payment must be made at the latest before the start of the Training. Without prejudice to its other obligations, from the due date of the invoice to the date of full payment, the Client owes statutory interest on the outstanding amounts. If the Client has opted for payment in installments and does not meet its payment obligation, then all payment installments are immediately due and payable from the moment of default by the Client. The Client is obliged to pay at all times, even if he or she has indicated another party (for example his / her employer) as the paying party.

Reflection period and cancellation conditions

Customer has a cooling-off period of 14 days after the registration date.

If the course starts within 14 days after registration, you agree that you do not want to change your mind.

  • Cancellation is only possible in writing (letter, email)
  • Cancellation is free of charge up to 4 weeks (= 28 days) before the start of the course date.
  • If you cancel 4 to 2 weeks (= 28 to 14 days) before the start of the course date, you owe 50% of the course fee.
  • If you cancel within 2 weeks (= 14 days) before the start of the course date or after the training has started, you owe 100% of the course fee.
  • For multi-day courses you owe the full course amount, even if you are not able to follow all course days. This also applies if you have chosen to pay in installments.


Conditions under which the course may not take place

  • Failure teacher / exam assessor
  • In the event of illness and / or impediment of a teacher or exam assessor, Ecuri Cosmetics will - insofar as possible - arrange for an equivalent replacement. If replacement is not possible, Ecuri Cosmetics will inform the Client of this as soon as possible and will come up with a proposal for alternative dates on which the relevant training will be given, or the relevant Ecuri Cosmetics exam will be taken.
  • In the event of illness and / or foreclosure of a teacher or an exam assessor, the Client is not entitled to compensation. Ecuri Cosmetics will not charge any additional costs for the care of the teaching days resulting from illness and / or impediment of a teacher.
  • A Client cannot cancel a course or an exam free of charge due to the dropout of a teacher or an exam assessor, or terminate the course agreement prematurely due to the dropout of a teacher.
  • In emergencies such as fire or flood


Property rights and copyright

All intellectual property rights, including copyright, that relate to the course material provided and compiled by Ecuri Cosmetics belong to Ecuri Cosmetics. No part of this expenditure may be reproduced and / or made public without written permission from Ecuri Cosmetics.

Device remains the property of Ecuri Cosmetics until the total amount has been paid.

All information provided by customers and / or participants is confidential for Ecuri Cosmetics bv, its employees and teachers.