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Xtreme Plasma Lift / 1 Dag

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Service Description

Xtreme Plasma Lift

The Xtreme Plasma Lift with the GOLDEN HEAD which is not only unique because of its focused plasma beam, but also because it is the only one in Europe that uses direct current!

What can the Xtreme Plasma Lift do?

• Eyelid corrections above and below without cutting

• Eyebrow lift

• Make crow’s feet and the top lip smoother

• Remove pigment stains, couperose, steel warts and fibromas And all this in 1 treatment!

Xtreme Plasma Lift the most innovative eye lift treatment!

• Eye lift withour surgery (above and/or under eyelid)
• 1-2 year result
• Natural Result

• Non-invasive
• Without general anesthesia • Very short recovery time

1 Day Training € 950,-

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